What To Eat In Order To Have A Healthy Skin


What To Eat In Order To Have A Healthy SkinApple in hand

Anyone who wants a younger-looking, vibrant, glowing as well as fabulous skin ought to make sure that the food that he or she is feeding on is food that is healthy for the skin. It is good to recognise that everything that an individual takes becomes not only part of his or her inner self but also part of the outer fabric of his or her body. It therefore becomes that when a person takes food that is healthy, he or she also develops a better looking and healthier skin. The reverse is equally true. The less attention an individual pays to what he or she is eating, the more problems he or she will have cropping up on the skin.

Never Starve The Skin

As a matter of fact, starving the skin makes it become sallow, older-looking as well as dry. There are also some health professionals who believe that taking a diet that misses specific foods for health skin makes a person develop even more severe skin problems. It is therefore of extreme importance to keep a watchful eye on what one takes in order to have a healthy skin.

Health experts say that some skin conditions, like acne, are likely to cause an individual to break out. Other more chronic conditions of the skin, such as eczema, are closely associated with the foods that a person takes.

Foods For Healthy Skin

It is recommended that one makes sure that he or she is taking a balanced diet in order to have a healthy skin. There are, however, several particular treats of the skin that are more helpful in obtaining a glowing healthyskin than other foods. These are specific skin treats also have an effect on one’s skin complexion. (more on this here: Exposed Skin Care )

One of the food types that are highly recommended for the sake of obtaining a healthy skin is a meal that contains low-fat dairy products. A major component that makes up a healthy skin is vitamin A. This particular vitamin is found in abundance in dairy products which have low levels of fat. As a matter of fact, health experts have it that the well-being of the cells of the skin are heavily dependent on one’s in-take of vitamin A. It becomes doubly important to consume dairy foods that are rich in vitamin A in case one has either a thyroid condition or diabetes. This is the case mainly because people suffering from those conditions are not in a position to convert beta carotene to vitamin A. Beta carotene is the form found in a majority of foods which are associated with vitamin A. A good example of such a food that contains beta carotene is carrots.

grapes for healthy skinLow-fat Yogurt Is Your Skins Best Friend

It is equally important to consume low-fat yogurt as it is not only high in vitamin A but it is also high in acidophilus which is the ‘live’ bacteria good for the health of the intestines. It therefore turns out to have a positive impact on an individual’s skin. Anything that plays a role in keeping digestion normal, may it be enzymes or bacteria, is going to have a positive impact on the skin.

Blackberries, plums, strawberries as well as blueberries are also recommended in order to have a healthy skin. The common aspect among these four foods is that they all have high antioxidant levels. Foods having high levels of antioxidants have a number of benefits for the skin. Free radicals, such as those formed from exposure to the sun, have a damaging effect on the skin cells’ membranes, potentially permitting damage to the cells’ DNA. The above mentioned fruits have antioxidants as well as other phytochemicals which are responsible for protecting the skin cells. There is therefore minimal chance for damage. Protecting cells from disintegration and damage consequently guards them against premature aging. Fruits like these therefore help in keeping one’s skin look younger for long.

Go For Fruits And Veggies With Many Antioxidants

Other vegetables and fruits that also have a high antioxidant capacity are such as artichokes, pecans, prunes and beans (pinto, black and red beans in particular).

Flax seed, canola oil, walnuts and salmon are seemingly unrelated foods but they also offer essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids play a major role in ensuring there are cell membranes that are healthy. They are, in that way, foods that are key in obtaining a healthy skin.