The Benefits Of Renting a Bike – Healthy And Cheap Option!

So you’ve decided that it’s time you did some cycling. Maybe you’ve heard about all the health benefits cycling offers. Perhaps you want a new way to explore the great outdoors – or even a new way to get to work and back without all the costs of fuel and parking. Most people’s first idea is to head down to their local cycle shop and look for a bike to buy. But is that really the best way for you to get on the road? Many people believe that hiring a cycle is a better idea than buying one outright. So let’s look at why that might be.



Cycles Are Expensive.

Even if you’re not planning on buying a top of the range, carbon fibre racing cycle, there’s no getting away from the fact that buying a cycle can be costly. And a lot of people decide to get cycles for the whole family. A couple of adult cycles, then two, three, maybe even four or more for the children… the price will really add up frighteningly. Will you use your cycles often enough to justify having spent all that money? If you hire bikes on the other hand, you only pay for the time you use and for the number of cycles that you need. If all you are planning on taking is the occasional family outing on your cycles, hiring instead of buying could save you a lot of money.



You Can Always Ride The Latest Model.

bicycle group

If you buy a cycle, the chances are that you will keep it for some time.   Unfortunately though., technology changes so quickly these days, that a cycle that’s state of the art now will very soon be out of date. Since cycle rental firms are constantly updating their stock, by hiring your bike instead of buying it, you’ll always be able to experience the very latest types of cycle.



You Can Ride A Better Cycle.

As we’ve said, cycles are expensive. You may not be able to afford to buy the model you want – but you probably can afford to rent it. Hiring a cycle gives you the chance to ride a much better cycle than you otherwise could.



Children Grow Up!

bicycle 1If you are thinking about cycles for the whole family, remember that little children grown into big children very quickly. You could buy bikes for your children now and then find that they have grown too big to ride them in only a year or two, leaving you with all the expense of buying new ones for them. Another of the benefits of hiring instead of buying is that as your children grow, you simply choose a bigger size for them each time.


Safety First.

When you own a cycle, do you check it every time you go for a ride? Probably not. Faults can easily be overlooked – especially with children’s cycles. When you hire a cycle on the other hand, it’s a legal requirement for the hire provider to make sure it’s safe for you to ride. Whenever you hire a cycle, you have the peace of mind of knowing that it’s been checked and tested by an expert and is in good working order.



Servicing Costs Too.

Many people forget that cycles need to be maintained – which can be expensive. The cost of new tyres, brake pads and chains soon adds up. And having your bike regularly serviced by a specialist cycle mechanic is also essential. If you choose to hire cycles rather than buy them, you don’t have to worry about any of those maintenance issues. The costs are all taken care of – and you can just get on and enjoy your ride.


Save Your Money!

So although on the face of it, buying your own cycle seems a sensible idea, a little thought shows that it might not be the best option after all. If you’re in the market for a new cycle, spending a little time researching hire options in your area too. You could find you save yourself a lot of money and also get more enjoyment from your cycling as well.