Stop Eating Poison – The Risks of Having an Unhealthy Diet

A well-balanced diet is one that provides vitamins, protein, minerals, good fat and carbohydrates from a healthy variety of food. Though an unhealthy diet is the complete opposite of eating healthily, most people still prefer to eat scrumptious food rather than taste bitter vegetables. Though knowing that people who eat nutritious food are strong and healthy, most of the public still choose to eat mouthwatering, but unhealthy chows. If you are the kind of person who would always choose to devour unhealthy but delicious food, to help you reconsider your choice of chow. Here are a few things that a bad diet provides:

  • Poor exercise capability:

    Having an unhealthy diet causes fatigue and slows you down by tiring you too easily. Eating the bad food prevents you from having a healthy body as its direct effect and also by tiring you out too soon.

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  • Nutrition deficiency.

    While having a healthy diet gives you all the nutrition your body needs, gobbling up the unhealthy chow provides the malnutrition that comes together with different kinds of sicknesses.


  • Mood Problems.

    Stressed? Are you being too much of a grouch? The problems you have in your temper may not be just because of overwork. As the brain chemicals promote a happy mood, people with a low level of carbohydrates in their diet have their chance of getting a positive disposition taken from them. Overeating also disrupts a good mood as depression usually accompanies it.


  • Weight gain.

    When the hormone insulin is less able to deal with your blood sugar because you ate too much of the unhealthy chow, the risk of diabetes and weight gain increases.


  • Tooth decay.

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. On the contrary, every sweet food you eat, slowly leads to calling a dentist’s attention.


  • Remember a fabulous dinner party where you feasted on heavenly food but you end up waking up at night with a terrible stomach pain? Well, that is indigestion. It’s caused by devouring fatty food, overeating and gobbling up large chunks of food too fast. To prevent indigestion, theUniversity of Maryland Medical Center suggests eating slowly, and taking up your time to finish the food in your mouth before eating more.

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  • Heart burn.

    Heartburn often accompanies indigestion. It’s an agonizing pain between your navel and breast bone.


  • Chronic disease.

    And you probably first thought that having a bad diet only meant gaining more weight. As a good diet chases off illness, eating too much of the bad food attracts more diseases. You probably want to switch your unhealthy choice of food now because following a bad diet is a multitude of diseases.


Always keep in mind that your health is entirely your responsibility. Only you get to choose which way of life you would want to live. Will you continue eating the greasy and unhealthy food? Or will you resist its heavenly temptations to eat what your entire body truly needs? It’s your choice.