Our Services

The 3D Media Health Club offers amenities to our members in full force. This is our way of giving the best to all of our members and to make sure they got more than what they have paid for and be satisfied for it.

Getting the best equipment is what we are good at. If you are a member of a health club who have the best set of equipment there is, you will surely keep on coming and do extensive workouts. Of course, with the help of our personal trainers and physical therapists, you would be able to have an idea which fitness equipment to go to and try.

What we do offer are the following:

1. TRX Training
2. Ellipticals
3. Treadmills
4. Stationary bikes
5. Rowing machines
6. Dumbbells, stability balls, and medicine balls
7. Squat racks
8. Lifting platforms
9. Machine weights

Each of the machine and equipment enumerated above is checked every time to ensure safety for our members if they are going to use one or lots of these fitness equipment.

Why Choose 3D Media Health Club?

You can choose for lots of reasons, but one thing we can say, we are the only health club that will dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly in order for you to achieve your fitness target. We are not here to make money, we are here to help all of our members and others to realize the benefit of living a healthy lifestyle and be able go on with it even after the membership expires or when you decide to move out.

Membership Fee Is Affordable

For sure, you have this notion that our membership might be as expensive as the others. This is not true. We want our health club to be more accessible to people who badly need one and be a member thereof. Our fee is affordable anyone who is living paycheck to paycheck can be a member of the health club.

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