How to build your butt and look good in a bikini

When its summer, let us party and look like we are really doing it. Have ever seen a guy in the club but holding a glass of juice. Doesn’t make sense. Similarly, don’t look the same way you did back in the winter. Each season and a time. The trend when its summer is to be at the beach and other outdoor destination to be free. For the ladies, there is more work to do. To have a good time in the summer, you will need to prepare in advance to boost your looks. Your looks will determine who will approach you then. You better be on the up to have the yeah shout from the big guys.

As it is routine, bikinis will have to replace the woolen tops. Bikinis are not any other general clothes. You have to fit in tight to create the wow feature. And be sure, that’s what the guys are looking for in sexy girls. To build your butts and boobs stick to these tips.

  1. Kickback exercises

You will have to work out to build your butts and the general body shape. As the name suggests, the kickback is a simple exercise that you do with your legs. Kneel down, and bend down to adopt the shape of a mammal. You can then shoot your left leg backwards and upwards. The simple movements will ensure that the butts back there pack to the maximum. Repeat the same for the other leg for balance purposes. Of course doing kickbacks once will not help. You will need to repeat it severally till the summer is here with us. kickbacks

  1. Hydrant

It’s a simple workout similar to what you see with dogs peeing. You just have to adopt the dog posture on four legs. From there on, lift one leg sideways and upwards as you see the dogs do. Start rotating the leg on both directions. Keep it that way for the longest duration possible. When one leg is exhausted, shift to the other.

  1. Stair runs

Walking up a staircase is enough workout for all. The office people are always advised to opt for the staircase rather than the lifts for health and fitness purposes. You can start by walking up and then start running. Here, the best way is to go slow. One step at a time will be nice to start with. Jump up the step up. When that becomes so easy, shift to jumping two steps at a time. Proceed to three steps or even more where possible. You will work out both your hips and the butts so that a bikini will all you need to show off your beauty.

  1. Side walking lunges

You don’t have to keep moving to and from during your exercises. That’s too obvious anyway. You can try the side movements by lunging backwards and forward. What this special exercise does is to tighten the butter outer parts so that no sagging and no lose butts any more. With a butt, the perfect shape will be adopted. To ensure efficiency, try to repeat the workout for as many times as possible. After working out your left leg, the right leg needs its share as well.pigeon-pose

  1. Kettlebell swings

Lifting weights is not a thing of the men alone. They works not only for the biceps but also for the butts. You will need to keep lifting kettlebells and adopt curving moves to work out your butts. You will need the keep thrusting your thighs and hips forward and at the same time, swing the arms in front. The add advantage about this work out is that it does work out your butts and at the same time, help burn extra calories. You don’t need fat back there. Just flesh is all you need. It also does help in body toning. The dream body shape will be there with you.

If you do these workouts to your level best, he butts will adopt the dream shape welcoming the summer in advance. It won’t be your fault, but guys will be all over you. You can opt to workout at home or go to the gym severally. You don’t need the latter.