Developing A Successful Weight Loss Program With HCG

One of the fastest ways that have been developed for weight loss is the HCG weight loss that is usually achieved with appropriate diet. It is usually medically allowed and also monitored and is known to result in the loss of weight of up to several tens of pound over a month. With the following of the strict instruction on diet you will be able to have targeted loss of some of the fats in the body and ensure that you lose the weight in record time.

Why diet is not enough to lose weight

There is usually the tendency to assume that diet alone can be able to get the body that you desire. Most of the people have often tried to lose their weight by even going in some kind of starvation only to find that when they start eating, they over eat. This is usually because of lack of discipline and also being unable to come up with proper strategies. It is also important to note there all individual exhibit unique reaction to same diet that is included in diet plans. Therefore there is need to consider the individual problems to be able to come up with the suitable diet that can be able to suit the different people.

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How to integrate HCG in weight loss plan

The use of the HCG treatment for weight loss makes sure that there is a targeted program that is able to suit the different individuals considering that they are different. This is done through testing of the individual and coming up with a customized plan that will be able to address their personal needs. Some of the things that will be tested may include; hormonal balance, metabolism, nutritional analysis, supplement recommendation and also monitoring of the fats and the basal metabolic rate.

What is involved in the weight loss program?  

These include the whole process that you can be able to follow to get the desired results. Some of them involve the involvement of some professionals to ensure that you are medically monitored. There is always the need to have the complete metabolic profile to determine how you are utilizing food. There is also need for the identification of the various weight loss resistance factors and recommending some exercises that are targeted at the weight loss. There is also the detoxification of the body to get rid of some components that prevent weight loss. There are also psychological factors that affect weight like stress and sleep. These will be adjusted accordingly to ensure that there is optimum weight loss.

Administering of the HCG for weight loss

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There are two methods that you can be able to use HCG: drops and injections. The HCG drops are usually the most popular and are also available in many stores over the counter. The drops usually go to the stomach where broken down into amino acids. This has often been debated as not being very effective and hence has faced some contempt from both the perspective of medical practitioner and also those that are not satisfied with the HCG hormone drops. There are also issues of irregularity which are sometimes subjective. The other option is the use of injectable HCG. This means that the hormone goes into the blood stream as it is. This means that you can therefore derive the advantages of using the HCG with the injectable than with drops.

Recommended HCG diet

There is usually the restriction of the calories that you can be able to take daily; it is usually recommended that you take between 500-800 calories when under the HCG injections. You shall be barred from using food that has high fat and oil content in them. This is the secret make the body thinks that you are pregnant which will in lead to the burning of the body fat and hence leading to the successful loss of weight. There is also limitation on what you should apply on the skin. This is because due to deficiency, some if the fats may be absorbed into the skin.